IAGG-ER Award for Advances in Gerontology and Geriatrics

  1. The aims of this Award are to elevate the prestige and significance of gerontological science and to secure public acknowledgement of the excellence and achievements of gerontologists in Europe in the three following disciplines: biological, clinical and social & behavioural sciences.

  2. European scientists who have contributed most significantly to the development of gerontology in one of three disciplines: biology, clinical gerontology and socio-behavioural sciences, can be nominated for the Award.

  3. The IAGG ER Award is honoured by an silver medal bearing the emblem of the IAGG European Region which is accompanied by an official Diploma. The Award Ceremony takes place every 4 years during the next IAGG-ER European Congress. The list of awardees is published in the Congress programme and on the IAGG website, as well as in the IAGG Newsletter.

  4. The award committee consists of the executive committee of IAGG-ER. In case of equality of votes, the vote of the president is decisive.

  5. The Presidents of all National Gerontological Societies in Europe are invited to nominate candidates in the three above-mentioned disciplines. Nominees do not have to be members of the National Society nominating them.

  6. The criteria for the award include:

    • high achievement in gerontological and/or geriatric research

    •  recognition in the European Region

    •   quality of the publications

    • living and working in Europe

  7. Nominations have to be sent to the President of IAGG-ER (until 2019: Clemens Tesch-Roemer, ctr@dza.de) or the Secretary of IAGG-ER (until 2019: Boo Johansson). Deadline for nominations is November, 2018.


- Call starts: 01st June 2018- Call ends: 30st November 2018

- Decision made: 28st February 2019

- Award presented and acceptance speech delivered during the next IAGG-ER European Congress in

  Gothenburg (23rd-25th May 2019)